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A young and very promising author.

Jim Bennett

Poet, Canada


A Multi Award-Winning Author

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Kolkata, India

Debjeet Mukherjee is a postgrad in economics from the University of Calcutta and works as a Sustainable Finance Analyst in Navi Mumbai. He was awarded as the Best/Top 100 Debut Indian Authors 2018-19 by Author Pages Magazine, Literatures Light, and Criticspace Journal. A poetry and short story writer from Kolkata, he is the recipient of the India Star Passion Award 2019 and NE8x Litfest Author of the Year 2019 for his books. Mukherjee also received an Honorable Mention for his winning entry “Two Birds”, at the International Photography Awards 2017 under Non-Pro Nature - Wildlife category.



Uditi Prakashan

June 24, 2019

A working mom, a US-aspirant son, an army colonel as dad and all the love it takes to keep a family together. Read this beautiful short story of mother-son relationship during contemporary times.

Also included is a tribute to the concluding chapters of an acclaimed fantasy-drama-series in television of the twenty-tens.

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"I wish our time had spent well for the past few years. No matter where and what you are, I always love you."

The Farewell
© Debjeet Mukherjee



Uditi Prakashan

January 01, 2019

Are village folks really that simple? What happens when rural people start gambling on drugs? Can a small girl from a village break the existing social stigma and become ‘modern’? Are love stories restricted to urban areas? Do genetics play a role in shaping decisions related to mischief? To what length can a father go to get his daughter the more important things in life? Can fulfillment come without education?

Read this riveting short story of twists and turns in a village depicting the life of a farmer, his family and the village postman.

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"The news of a village girl getting a city job was far greater news of the day than a poor farmer trying to commit suicide."

A Rural Coincidence
© Debjeet Mukherjee



Notion Press

September 05, 2018

The deluxe edition of Debjeet Mukherjee’s debut 2018 poetry book “VOYAGES Volume I – A Collection of Poetry” has been reviewed and rated Five Stars by Readers' Favorite, USA and Realistic Poetry International. The poetry collection was bestowed a (Four Stars) Silver Book Award by Literary Titan, USA in February 2019 and garnered favorable positive feedback from authors, bloggers and reviewers around the world. The book also received a Gold Star in's September 2018 e-Book Cover Design Awards.

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"I've made peace with myself, not to prove something; but to improve my nothing."

Maples | Vajra World Records
© Debjeet Mukherjee